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Inocence Dance & Fitness

Lakewood Latin Dance Instructor!


Joy through expression, Empowerment through fitness!Want to learn new dance steps, transform your body through dance and fitness this is the place for you and its your time to shine so come join our community as we grow each year. Learn to follow class leads, challenge yourself with a new hobby guarantee an amazing dance experience.

By combining Dance and fitness, experience and technique, joy and empowerment, Inocence is ready to train the next generation of students for their full potential. Beginners, proficient, advanced, and even competitors- we are excited to help you get there. Form follows function, technique takes time the steps aren’t difficult, but they do require commitment, time and patience.

This is our guiding principle. Wellness begins with a desire to feel happy. At Inocence Dance and fitness, our courses channel that desire using time-tested techniques.Our founder “Ms. IZ” Issica has developed these techniques over the span of her career since childhood. Stepped in music ranging from hip-hop to Latin beats black gospel, Issica is a formally trained dance performer and fitness instructor. This studio is a realization of her desire to share that love of dance and fitness with all who enter.

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Dance is about more than just the basic steps. There’s a rhythm and flow that connect you. To best express that joy, we believe form follows function. The techniques you will learn here are not difficult, but they do require time and patience. Once these basic techniques become second-nature, then the fun really begins- more advanced moves become much easier to understand, to practice, and to execute. It’s a transformative experience, being able to fully express your joy, with as much space as a dance floor to as little space as two feet!

Fitness is the other half of what makes Inocence so special. Ever since her childhood competition’s, Ms. IZ has understood the importance of incorporating the proper stretches and exercises into her training routine as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer for many years. Again, technique is key. Fitness has empowered and her students to reach greater heights in dance and overall wellness, and you can to. With fitness classes ranging from basic exercise to Zumba fitness, there’s always opportunity for a workout!

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